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Swift Property Wrappers: a practical introduction

Property wrappers, also known as property delegates, have been introduced in Swift 5.1 and new frameworks like SwiftUI and Combine heavily rely on them, hence the importance of understanding how they works. What is exactly a property wrapper? A property wrapper is a type that can wrap a property adding functionalities without changing the type of the […]

5 Scrum concepts you should embrace regardless of your current process

Lately thereā€™s a lot of hype around Scrum and everyone wants to be agile but even though I really enjoy working following the Scrum framework, when someone asks me if his company or team should adopt it, my answer is always: it depends. While studying for the scrum.org PSM I exam, I noted down some […]

Swift Codable: tips and tricks

Letā€™s dive into Codable to understand the benefits of migrating from your third-party json library. What is Codable? If you take a look into theĀ CodableĀ definition youā€™ll find out that itā€™s just a way to tell thatĀ somethingĀ isĀ DecodableĀ andĀ Encodable. Making your custom types conform these protocols will allow you to represent them in different formats such as JSON […]